Hello! Just in case you don’t know me, my name is Serena. I have always enjoyed crafting. I love learning how to make things, especially things that make your house a home. I also have a huge passion for organizing. I recently got married and for the whole 11 months I was engaged, all my crafts were towards my wedding. I made my own invitations, programs, menus, signage, table number, etc. It was not only fun for me, but I got exactly what I wanted and saved a ton of money.

I wanted to create a blog because I feel like some crafts are for high achievers that I wish I could be oneday. I like quick, cute, and easy. On here I want to share recipes, crafts ideas, tips, and organizing that are all quick, cute, and easy.

I feel like a lot of people, including me, get overwhelmed with organizing and different craft ideas. Just because someone shows you how to do something, doesn’t always mean you have to do it that exact way. I don’t necessarily use things like Pintrest for tutorials, but I use it for inspiration. I like to think smarter not harder!


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