Wyatt’s Nursery

From the time I was only a couple months pregnant, my husband and I knew we were having a son. I all of a sudden had ZERO inspiration for girl anything. Chris had this name for a girl that he just loves and I had agreed to in the past, but I remember telling that I just know that, that’s not this baby’s name.

About six weeks before we got the official word it was a boy, we immediately agreed and decided that the Lumberjack/Mountain theme would be perfect. I had even gone to Hobby Lobby and saw some decor about a week later. It had to be a sign, right? lol. We figured we could always return it if we were having a girl. Good thing we didn’t have to!

More than just a theme, I wanted his room to be fun and comfortable. Somewhere we would all enjoy playing and hanging out in as he grows. Although these super simplistic, white and gray nurseries are very beautiful, I wonder how much time a toddler would really enjoy hanging out in them. I can’t wait for the day to see him sitting in his tee pee listening to him going on about whatever his imagination comes up.

If anyone is interested in the organization of the nursery or want to know where things are from, let me know and I can do a separate post.



BasketDresser-Shelves-3Shelves-3IMG_9656OverviewFirePit-1Crib-4Laundry BasketCloset-4