I always loved the idea of going to those paint pottery places, but there’s a few things that kept me from going there every weekend. 1. The price. It seems like by the time you walk out of there, you end up spending $30 on a mug.  2. You have to wait days before you can go back and get your piece. Maybe it’s the kid in me, but when I get something new, I want to take it home and enjoy it right away.

So when I came across this idea on Pintrest, I had to try it that weekend!You only need a few things and it only cost me $5.50. Score!

Items needed:

– Dishware
– Oil-Based Sharpie Marker

– Letter Stickers
– Oven

Dishware. You can use, plates, mugs, bowls, etc.  I got this cute plate at  target for $3.50. Any plate will do though (except plastic). White will make your artwork stand out a little better and it’s a neutral base.

Plain Plate

OIL BASED Sharpie marker. They sell this at craft stores for about $3.50, but with my 40% off coupon, it was only $2. It’s very important to get the oil-base marker. If you use a regular sharpie, it will not only fade over time, it will also not be dishwasher safe.


– Scrapbook letter stickers. There are so many cute fonts out there. Just stick the letters on your item to spell whatever you would like. I already had these on hand, but they are only a couple dollars at the craft store. Target even sells them, but at Michaels or Ja-Ann’s you can use your 40% coupons they always have.


– Start designing around the letter. You can do whatever your artistic mind wants to. I decided to keep it simple and make little dots around to look like glitter or confetti.  Once you’re done, remove the your stickers.


Oven. To seal your art work, you need to bake it. It needs to bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. This process will help seal the marker onto the dish and make it so it’s food and dishwasher safe.


-Ta Da


Link to original Pintrest Post.


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